400 Series

The super new boiler from Baxi now - available from Heat Merchants Nationwide

Baxi 400 Combi and Heat Only


Super light , Super compact , Super connected.

  • 400 Combi and LPG models available
  • Light and easy to manoeuvre at 26kg
  • Fits in a 290mm deep cupboard
  • Outputs of 24 and 28kW available
  • Compatible with Baix uSense smart control
  • 5 year warranty, subject to T&Cs


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  • Join Works now at www.baxiworks.ie or download the Baxi Toolbelt App.
  • Technical support 014590870




The integrated solar roof system has a metal backing sheet, which is not only fire resistant but also doesn’t melt in high temperatures, unlike similar plastic counterparts available on the market. An aluminium base flashing is used around the entire system, making sure that it’s completely weatherproof and UV resistant, so that it doesn’t degrade with exposure to the sunlight.


  • Weight (excluding module) 10.38kg/m²
  • Portrait & landscape Module Orientation
  • 1° - 45° Suitable Roof Pitch
  • Suitable for all types of roofing tiles
  • Aluminium rail & components
  • Stainless steel & Galvanised Steel fixing, screws & bolts


It's completely weatherproof, because we flash all the way around the array.

We use aluminium base flashing for the sides and bottom of the array of the solar panels, which helps to allow the rainwater to run down the roof and into the guttering system. We also use a strip UV resistant EPDM tape along the top of the array to completely weatherproof it.

Pre-assembled pieces of rail with UV resistant EPDM layer, which separates the steel from the aluminium rail and avoids the chemical reaction between them from occurring also provides a secondary weatherproof seal around the fixings and works with the EPDM washer already on the screws.

Securely fixes to the substructure

The metal backing sheets are fixed into the building’s substructure to provide a secure connection against opposing wind forces. To do this, we ensure each sheet is fixed with 12 screws. Each screw is capable of achieving 5.5kN until it pulls out from a depth of 30mm timber, as a minimum. This means for a single sheet, the system can achieve 66kN minimum until the screws pull out, this equates to 27.5kN/m², which easily keeps the system securely fastened even in high winds.

The thick trapezoidal at 0.7mm so that we can use smaller pieces of our Mounting Rail Direct profile and fix into 2 of the crowns. We can achieve a minimum of 1.7kN before each screw pulls out of the steel at this thickness and each piece of rail is fixed with 4 screws. This equates to a minimum of 6.8kN per rail before the screws pull out, which easily keeps the system securely fastened even in high winds.